So, okay, when you fly in from Planet X and land outside town in 1951, what you need is 1) a bubble helmet 2) pajamas 3) a GIANT voice translator and 4) comfy green gardening gloves.

Oh, also, MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE GRANDMA IN THE SHIP! She tends to wander.

A horrible monstrous creature with a head as big as two men put together... a skin with the shine of a new shilling...eyes no better than a dead codfish!

As IMDB has it:

“…an agent of Planet X, peacefully disposed, has landed to make preparations for further landings of X-people when the planet reaches its closest proximity to Earth.  The Man from Planet X, using a mesmeric ray, captures the scientist, his daughter, the assistant and several townspeople.

This one is even more hilariously subliminal.  Check out that “rocket”!  Whoopsie!

And guess who that is – yes, it’s Margaret Field, mother of Sally Field! Looks like The Strange Man from Planet X likes her…he really really likes her!

Margaret Field, with dignity restored