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MSNBC’s Alan Boyle, author of The Case for Pluto, makes a nice case here for Percival’s Planet thanks for the support, Alan!

And if you’d like to check out the trailer shown above, it’s here on youtube.


Elliott Bay Books in Seattle was the store that allowed me to think of myself as a writer – long before I ever had any notion such a thing was possible.  In the tile-floored basement cafe, shelves of cast-off volumes lined the walls while you — novelty of novelties! — ate food and drank coffee amid the burble of Pioneer Square.  You could sit and read and consider who these mysterious, unknown authors might have been, and you got to appreciate the tactile immortality a published book represented.  The store’s recent move to Capitol Hill has been a great success, it seems to me, and the store looks healthier and happier in its new location, like a rhododendron transplanted into more fertile soil.  Long live Elliott Bay!

And where better to celebrate the “street day” of Percival’s Planet?

…as in, D.C.  The apparently pro-Pluto Ron Charles of the Washington Post gives Percival’s Planet a very kind review here — much appreciated, Mr. Charles!

“A subtle, satisfying adventure…like a desert version of Doctorow’s Ragtime….Just as the planets influence one another, tugging and stretching their orbits as they sweep around the sun, so all these characters cause perturbations in each other’s lives.  And Byers writes with a sweet mixture of humor and sympathy about lunacy and manhood during a period of extraordinary disruption.”

The Detroit Free Press gives Percival’s Planet a good review and a generous slice of column space in today’s Books section – thanks Chris!

“A compelling examination of the scientific process, and how that process is never totally isolated from the vicissitudes of the human condition…a finely wrought narrative of ambition, obsession and love.”

The Oregonian has some nice things to say today too about Percival’s Planet. More evidence that Portland is an awesome place.  Plus they still have an NBA team…unlike some other Northwest cities I could mention…

“What makes Percival’s Planet so irresistible is a more down-to-earth human focus brought to the story through fictional characters and events. Byers has the rare ability to break a reader’s heart practically from the moment each new character is introduced…a compassionate, sentimental tale of outcasts triumphing over impossible odds, pulled into ever-tightening orbits and intersections by fate, finding if not outright happiness, then at least a modicum of peace, however fleeting.”

The Seattle Times gives Percival’s Planet a nice nod in their Sunday books section — I used to deliver this paper, back when it was an afternoon paper during the week and a morning paper on the weekends.  Saturdays and Sundays I’d get up in the middle of the night, deliver my papers, then go back to bed as the dawn was coming up and the freeway starting to roar.  I’d have to put rubberbands on my wrist to convince myself, upon awakening, that I’d actually gone out and walked up and down Gwynn, Boyer, Fuhrman, Allison, and Broadway…

Anyway, thanks, Misha!

Entertainment Weekly gives PP a solid A-minus.  Points off for chewing pencils in class.  Move over, Eat Pray Love!

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