Stanley Sykes, the fellow on the right, built most of Lowell Observatory’s telescope housings as well as the observatory buildings themselves.  He’d begun as a bicycle designer and suffice it to say had his own way of doing things.  Many of his creations were successes; others less so.  When you visit Lowell Observatory today you can watch the guides shift the giant wooden roof of  the Clark Dome.  As Jan Millsapps points out in a comment below, the roof is problematically large; the whole roof, maybe 60 feet in diameter, now rolls on Ford truck tires, a solution not arrived at until after Sykes’s time, in the 1950s.  (I’d originally posted that it rolled on Model-T tires.)  When the great structure is in motion it shudders and creaks and cries — but it moves.  It sounds something like a barn being driven down a dirt road.

Here he is with his partner in construction, E.C. Mills, in 1927.  As Jan indicates, and as I neglected to point out, Stanley Sykes’s primary partner was in fact his brother Geoffrey — but I don’t have a picture of him.