The New York Times gives Percival’s Planet a solid review  in Monday’s books section – noting the book’s “untamable yearnings” no less!  (Rowr.) (See below.)

“Vivid…lyrical and exact….The search for Planet X offers Mr. Byers a wonderful opportunity for dramatizing the human desire for discovery, but he’s after an even wider story, one that probes the very nature of searching….A deeply generous attempt to explore the forces that make us restless, that make us want to wander the desert or peer into the sky or pace along our own fence lines, dreaming of finding something that might not be out there.  Mr. Byers reminds us that whether we’re gripped by desire for a new planet or for another human being, that yearning has dignity and its own strange logic.”

Very nice.  And I recommend googling “untamed yearnings.”

"She fought the darkly handsome officer at every turn, clinging to her Indian ways and wondering at his notions of civilization. For certainly there was nothing civilized about the untamed yearnings he awakened as he cupped her ripe curves, rained tender kisses over her soft form and led her into a world of unforgettable ecstasy." -- Cheyenne Sunrise, C. O'Banyon (1990)