More letters from the excited public – including Clyde Tombaugh’s own pastor, back in Kansas! – all from the amazing archives of Lowell Observatory.

* *

Ceres, Calif.
Box 195

Board of Trustees,
Lowell Observatory
Flagstaff Ariz.

Dear Sirs —

I notice in tonites local paper that numerous suggestions for a name to be given the new planet have been received by you.

I wish to submit one.

This has been called the age of Electricity.

Witness how almost all of our later modern inventions have had to do with electricity.

And not only the more remarkable and complicated ones, like the radio, which has now become quite common, but how many of our everyday household appliances are controlled by electricity.

Doubtless your big telescope, too, depends upon that mysterious power for its control.

These are just a few of the reasons that of on the spur of the moment, as to why I wish to suggest as a name for the new planet, Electra.

Yours very truly.
E.N. Obsburn


Dear Dr. Lowell

Upon looking in the San Francisco Daily News we the low ninth general science class at San Francisco California.  Saw an artical stating thair people were requested to send in names concerning the new planet which has just been discovered.  Our class has been thinging about this and we suggest that the planet be called Xenia which means the gift of friendship which we think is a very rightfull name, it is the Greek name and be in line with the names of the other planet’s.  Also it sort of connects up with the observatory itself; because if I am not mistaken a great friendship prevails as Mr Tombaugh say’s between the Junior and sinior members of the observatory and we seriously ask you to please try and give the new planet the name of Xenia.

Respectfuloy yours
William Kennedy
Everett Junior High School
San Francisco


Garfield, Kan. 3/21/30.

Lowell Observatory
Flagstaff, Arizona.

Dear Sirs: —

I am joining the rest of the WORLD in sending congratulations to Mr. Tombaugh for his recent discovery.

I was his pastor for Five years and never met a finer or more studious young man.  He used to take me out on his place and have me look thru his telescope.

In suggesting names for the planet please allow me to suggest either BURDETT or Streator both towns in which he was reared and either of them harmonize in shortness of name with the other planets.

All of Pawnee Co. Kan. and the town of Burdett, Kan. and Streator, Ill. feel that Mr. Tombaugh should share in some way the name of the planet.

Very truly yours
W. B. Summer
Pastor M.E. Church