It was 2007, and I was standing at the photocopier minding my own business when my friend and colleague Anne Curzan informed me the American Dialect Society had chosen “plutoed” as their word of the year.  

“Aw, you gotta be kidding me,” said I.

“Nope,” said she.

And this of course came only a few months after the demotion of Pluto from planetary status.  I was a little angry, and more than a little depressed.  I was writing a novel about a planet that didn’t even exist any longer, and now the demotion had entered the vocabulary of the English language.   

But as it turned out, of course, the demotion of Pluto was the best thing to happen to Pluto since it got a cartoon dog named after it.  Nobody knew how much they loved Pluto until they’d had it taken away from them — and thus a new generation of Plutovians was born!  (Uplifting music here.)

Plus, “plutoed” isn’t a word.  I’ve never heard anyone use it, anyway.  So there!